Nani doesn’t dive? Sure about that Sir Alex? (Video)

With all the furore Sergio Aguero has caused by saying that foreign players are the victim of domestic player bias from referees in this country, Sir Alex Ferguson has emerged from his lair to vent his feelings on the matter. While not quite in the manner of his “typical Germans” tirade of a few years ago, Ferguson did seem to point the finger at the influx of foreign players into the Premier League for the increase in play-acting and simulation.

However, according to him, Nani, who is often seen as one of Manchester United’s worst culprits when it comes to diving, “is not the type to dive”. Now, managers are always expected to back their players to the hilt and rightly so. Nobody is saying that Ferguson should come out and hammer Nani for diving but perhaps a quick youtube watch of Ashley Young would be best advised before the United manager comes out and makes sweeping statements, or more pertinently to his Portuguese winger, a watch of the video below.

Next time Sir Alex, perhaps it’s best just sticking to “no comment.”

Adam Mazrani