Lets bounce straight back up!

It is a nightmare of epic proportion for any manager of a team that is relegated to the Championship and I feel is the toughest job in the business. When a team exits the Premiership it is very hard to rebuild and motivate yourself to push on and try to get back into the elite league of England.

Managers feel the responsibility of having to get team’s back into the Premiership as they were the men in charge when the club went down. If results don’t go your way right from the start of the season then trouble will occur. Both Steve Kean and Owen Coyle know this all too well.

Now for those who haven’t experienced this as a fan and I hold my hand up I am fortune not to experience seeing my club relegated from the Premier league… yet! It must be pure heartache and despair as the following season can feel long and drawn out as you are desperate to see your team back in the best league.

Expectations run high as a club you are expected to convincingly win each week, because after all you are in a lower league. But it doesn’t quite work like that. A lot of players leave a club who gets relegated as they may get snapped up by other teams in higher divisions or they want a new challenge with a new club. So before the season starts the manager has to rebuild a team good enough to seriously push for promotion.

Once the squad is assembled then the manager has to make sure results come right from the off, and at Bolton in particular they haven’t. The Wanderers sit 18th in the table and are already six points off the play-off spot. Now Wolves and Blackburn are slightly better off but neither have exactly done anything to write home about.

For Bolton this season could be another of severe disappointment. Attendances will drop, sponsorship deals won’t be available as easily and players may not be as interested to play for the club. It is a tough job for anyone who attempts to bring a Premiership relegated club straight back up, one that I think is the hardest managerial job in Football.

Daniel Clark


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