Chelsea and Cole are both in the wrong

Well, well, well. It looks like it’s come down a game of chicken between Ashley Cole and Chelsea. The left-back is out of contract at the end of season, but the west London side are only prepared to offer him a one-year extension.

Cole, however, isn’t keen on signing just a one-year deal and wants at least two. It’s left both parties at a stalemate, with both pondering what move to make next. The predicament has led to reports that Paris St. Germain are prepared to offer the England international a deal that would see him move to France next summer.

It’s all a bit messy, if you ask any football fan. Chelsea will undoubtedly be loathe to losing the left-back, having gone to great lengths to sign him from Arsenal in 2006. Regardless of his off-field antics, the Blues man still remains a key asset to the club having made 11 appearances this season.

However, his refusal to agree a new contract for just a year is surely a petulant approach to take. Cole is clearly still a prized member of the Blues squad, having made well over 250 appearances for the club since he joined.

Nevertheless, regardless of the club’s mantra of only offering one year deals to players over 30, surely exceptions have to be made due to the calibre of player. Chelsea lost Didier Drogba over the summer to Shanghai Shenhua after offering just another 12 months to his expiring contract, whereas the Ivory Coast start wanted a two year deal.

At this rate, Chelsea and Cole aren’t going to come to an agreement any time soon, which will give opposition clubs the opportunity to speak to the 31-year-old. As a result, the Blues run the risk of losing their starting left-back and one of the finest players in his position for free. 

Chelsea are clearly keen to hold on to him, but are hesitant in offering more than a one year deal. Cole, on the other hand, is demanding a deal the club are reluctant to offer due to his age. Either both come to agreement shortly or be prepared to go their seperate ways in the not-too-distant future.