The national team don’t appeal to me

With each passing day, the international break is slowly but surely coming to an end. Every time the two week stint rears its ugly head once again, I find myself losing the will to live as every player leaves their domestic duties behind them to represent their respective national team.

As bad as it sounds, I find myself wishing my life away as I sit in my living room clock watching, waiting for this hellish football-less fortnight to end. However, one final push is needed when England come up against Poland tonight in their World Cup qualifier.

The game sounds more appealing on paper than that of England – San Marino, an encounter I’ll happily hold my hand up and admit I missed. Why? Because the thought of watching the national team play is about as appealing as a kick in the crutch.

Naturally, it’s my opinion on the national team and others could well feel different. However, the more I have aged; the less interest I have taken in England and international football as a whole.

Granted, when a major summer tournament rolls around, the World Cup, European Championship or Copa America for example, I will happily watch as it fills the long summer month exquisitely. Yet, when it comes to this two week break in the middle of the season, I just wind up bored with the lack of domestic action.

Will I watching England take on Poland in Warsaw tonight? Possibly. I won’t go out of my way to watch it like some, but I will certainly view the encounter should it be on TV. But, it’s the lack of appeal that comes with viewing the national side stutter over the finish line that sees me opt against viewing the national side should the opportunity present itself.