Should Becchio have been give a top flight chance? (video)

How many times has a player looked superb in the lower divisions, but never cut it at the top level.  Jason Scotland, David Nugent and Robbie Earnshaw are just three examples of players who never really made this leap as confidently as they might have done.

Example like these make me wonder if Premier League clubs are right not to have bet on this Argentinian striker.  But ever since he joined Leeds united when they were in the deep depths of League 1 I was taken aback by the skill of the player.  I remember thinking ‘how is a player with such talent playing at such a lowly club?’  No offense to Leeds fans but at the time they were at a low point and Becchio was a superb bit of business.

69 goals in 174 appearances for appearances for the Yorkshire club and is currently the second top scorer in the Championship this season.  At the age of 28, is it too late for the ex-Barca player to make the step up?  Or has he missed his chance?  No doubt some would argue he just simply isn’t good enough.

Tom DiMaio