Tyne-Wear Derby? Goals, Goals, Goals? (video)

In my opinion the Tyne-Wear derby is one of the top three derbies in the country.  The north east is a part of the country where football is a way of life and the result of Sunday’s game will mean a great deal to so many of those that occupy the area surrounding Sunderland and Newcastle.

In recent years Newcastle have looked the more dominant team, but not too long ago Newcastle were a division below the Black Cats.  I’m not one for making predictions but I will say this, I’m optimistic of a good game.

A lot of people that I’ve spoken to in the last few days have said they aren’t expecting an exciting game.  Most likely a bore draw.  Really?  Don’t get me wrong I can see where they’re coming from but this game will involve the Premier League’s two top scorers.  Ba has netted six and Fletcher has netted five.  Surely this means goals?

Well if my experience of football betting has taught me anything it’s that if I think something’s going to happen it won’t, so as much as I would like to say Ba and Fletcher will score 3 each, I wont be putting any money on it.  Well just to get you all excited, here’s Demba doing his thing.

Tom DiMaio