Arsenal’s goalkeeper black hole (Video)

Goalkeepers. They do the smallest amount of running of any player during a football match but if they make an error they are heavily scrutinised because, more often than not, it results in conceding a goal.

It is a tricky task finding a good No.1 because they are an investment, a goalkeepers expiry date is generally much later than that of any other outfield player. Just try asking Arsene Wenger who has an uncanny knack for selecting keepers who tend to self implode at regular intervals throughout a season (Lukasz Fabianski and Manuel Almunia) or, in Jens Lehmann’s case, are totally bonkers.

Apparently, Vito Mannone (Don Vito) is intent on continuing that fine tradition as evidenced with his blunder against Norwich this past weekend. It cost Arsenal points and he didn’t look that sharp a couple of weeks ago when Chelsea came to visit the Emirates. 

He has quite a way to go if wants to match Fabianski and Almunia when they were in their primes for Arsenal, though. Both had their good days but when it comes to goalkeepers a few hilarious and disastrous blunders will destroy a reputation.