Football taking a backwards step

If it isn’t black footballers being racially abused, it’s instead footballers being attacked by thuggish fans during local derbies. Last week, football fans bore witness to the harrowing events in Serbia, where, despite what their Football Association states, Danny Rose was subject to racial chanting from fans in the Eastern European country.

Then, later that week, the footballing world was shocked to see Sheffield Wednesday number one Chris Kirkland attacked by Leeds United fan  Aaron Cawley, with the horrible individual proclaiming later that night on his Facebook that he had “got away with it”.

However, Cawley was yesterday sentenced to four months in prison for his antics, a period of time that many have argued is too short a time for a “fan” that already had an order banning him from visiting towns and cities on the same day Leeds were playing.

With the allegations surrounding John terry and his four game domestic ban, coupled with the refusal of Jason Roberts and Rio Ferdinand to sport Kick It Out t-shirts over the weekend, it appears football is taking a backwards step both on and off the pitch.

Racism and hooliganism was rife in the game during the 1970’s, but has certainly lessened during the 40 year period. However, it is these two aspects of the game that are beginning to rear its ugly head once again.

The sooner these facets are kicked out of the game for good, the better. However, that will only happen if punishments are stricter within football, with John Terry’s four-game ban considered far too lenient by a majority of fans.

The same applies for Cawley’s sentence behind bars and it’s time for the footballing authorities to make a stronger stand in order to see these awful habits kicked out of the game once and for all.