Love for Live Football

Tomorrow night, I will be in attendance at a football match that I have no affinity to either of the competing teams.

I’ll be there on the terraces with the true fans, the Tuesday night in the cold brigade. 

Brisbane Road will be the location of the game in which I’ll enjoy. Leyton Orient vs Colchester United – both sides on 16 points after 13 games and only a single goal the difference between them. It should be a feisty encounter. 

I don’t know much about either team, not much to comment on and entice more of you with a free evening to attend – but I do know one thing. I bloody love Live football. 

I enjoy football in the lower tiers especially as these are the guys who are really striving to impress. All of them know that they are a string of decent performances away from that lucrative deal in the Championship or the Premier League. If the papers catch wind of your name for the right reasons, you can be propelled into the life you always dreamed of.

Example of this is Burnley’s Charlie Austin. 

Just over 3 years ago, Austin was a part time bricklayer in Poole, where he was netting many a goal every weekend for Poole Town – fast forward 3 years and through Swindon Town, Austin is now scoring for fun at Burnley and is being linked with a move to Newcastle United. 

Amongst the players I’ll see tomorrow night are former Arsenal youth teamer Ben Chorley, ex Charlton veteran Kevin Lisbie and Chelsea academy graduate Jimmy Smith to name but a few. These guys are of a great pedegree and sound footballing grounding. 

Leyton Orient famously forced an FA Cup replay with Arsenal last season of which they were rewarded with a trip to Las Vegas. These are the stories that we love as football fans and what attracts us away from the glitz and glamour of the overpaid, unappreciative robots that turn out every week in the Premier League.

Na na na na na, Oi!