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Let’s talk about Cesc baby (Video)

It seems as though Cesc Fabregas is finally starting to find his feet in Barcelona.

After a great start to his career last season, as the campaign winded down it was clear that Cesc was unhappy at his role at the team, as he was used as almost an impact player because of the phenomenal trio of Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez all keeping Fabregas out of his preferred positions (I say Messi because of Fabregas’s scoring form in the lone striker role earlier on in the season)

This unhappiness was evident when Fabregas told radio Marca:

‘There’s no such thing as a great substitute in the world of football.

‘I couldn’t tell you what makes a great substitute.

‘I always wish my team-mates well and put a happy face on.

‘If I have to take my unhappy face home then so be it, but I would never let my team-mates or manager see it.’

Things seem to be looking up this campaign though.

Tito Vilanova’s promotion to head coach of the Barcelona team has brought a great start to the 2012/13 season for the club as a whole, but also for Fabregas.

The Spanish midfielder is the only Barca player to have appeared in every game this season, while he has also played in every game for his country too.

With only four goals to his name this season, it may not have been the dream start in terms of performances this season for Cesc, but he’s got the one thing he’s always wanted:

Playing for his hometown club on a consistent basis.