Classics from the archive: Man United vs Arsenal (Video)

As we approach another weekend of football the stand out fixture is the big one, the Ferguson/Wenger grudge match, that’s right: it’s Man United vs Arsenal. Some may say that in recent years this fixture has lost its edge somewhat due to Arsenal not being as competitive as they once were. To those people I say: bollocks. 

This is one of the biggest fixtures of any season in any league as two teams with similar minded attacking philosophies go toe to toe. Being a Gooner, I love it when we play United (maybe not so much last year) and this year there is the van Persie sub plot (prick). Even without that Dutch Skunk, this is going to be a fantastic game and if Arsenal can take the three points then it will throw them right back into the race for the title.

Anyway, just to get you a bit more excited about the game on Saturday, here is an absolute gem from November 2008 between the two teams when Arsenal beat United at the Emirates 2-1. Now, I can hear the critics crying out that I am picking an Arsenal victory and, yes, you are right but this was a game of true quality, excitement and brilliance. It was end to end with great goals from Nasri (wanker) and Rafael plus a couple of standard shocking misses from Nicklas Bendtner. More of the same please (maybe not the shocking misses or Nasri).