The Artist formerly known as Kaka

What ever happened to Ricardo Kaka? Bought by Real Madrid for an eye watering £50 million plus (remember that this is the same summer they bought Ronaldo for £80 million) in 2009, he has merely played a bit-part role for Jose Mourinho’s team.

He has made 69 appearances, though, chipping in with 20 goals but Madrid’s midfield is so loaded with talent that Kaka has spent more time on the bench than he would probably like. None of this has diminished his talent, however. You simply don’t become a bad footballer because you don’t start every week. 

I imagine the man himself is probably quite frustrated at the lack of playing time. Yes, he is getting paid handsomely but if you asked me I would say that a move would be the best option for player and club. And why not the Premier League? It would provide a brilliant swansong for his fantastic career. Instead of warming the bench at Real, go out in a blaze of Brazillian glory starting every week in the Best League in The World (Trademark Registered). 

But where would be the best destinantion for Kaka? He has a ridiculously expensive contract that a team would have to be willing to buy out and that isn’t a very appealing chance to take on a 30 year old. So, a team with lots of money and not a whole lot of sense.

Man City immediately springs to mind but he wouldn’t get a look in as their midfield is deeper than a clown’s pocket. Arsenal? I don’t think anyone can feasibly see Wenger spending that kind of money on a player of any age, never mind a 30 year old. It has some hallmarks of a shrewd Ferguson signing but, again, too much of a financial risk for a team at the top.

I have the answer: Queens Park Rangers. Tony Fernandes has a fair bit of money in his pocket and the team are struggling at the foot of the Premier League.

Signing Kaka would reinvigorate the club and bring some real quality and class to their starting XI. If he can even replicate even a little of the form he displayed during his time at AC Milan, he will improve the Hoops considerably. Already a team of misfits, the neglected Brazilian will blend right in. I can see the Sky Sports Transfer Hype Machine going into overdrive in January as news breaks that there have been Kaka sightings in Shepherd’s Bush. Remember, though, you heard it here first.