Unpredictable PL strikes again

The Premier League, widely regarded as the most exciting league in the world, is reaching all new levels of unpredictability this season.

Long gone are the days when the ‘top 4’ dominate all games and a loss would be a major event. In fact, a ‘top’ number of teams no longer really exists and although the summit of the Premier League will feature the same old faces at the end of this year, the intimidation posed by the leading sides lacks anywhere near the kind of pungency it used to.

This weekend has been another example of that. Spurs suffered defeat to struggling Wigan, Chelsea settled for a draw to minnows Swansea and Manchester City shared the points against West Ham in a game which the newly promoted Hammers easily could have taken the spoils.


An all new dynamic has definitely entered the Premier League – though it’s up for debate whether it’s down to less quality and poorer performances from the top teams or an on-going improvement of the overall standard on the league.

I, myself, would be more inclined towards the latter. Thanks to the enormous amount of overseas players on British shores, there seems to be somewhat of a saturation of top talent spreading throughout the league.

Foreign players are drawn to the glamour of the Premier League and when the top English sides don’t come a calling, they are more than happy to ply their trade at some of the less established sides.

The Premier League beast has grown once again this year and rightfully earning its name as the most exciting league in the world.