Who’s a sorry scouser?

Steven Gerrard’s decision to stay loyal to Liverpool has defined his career. A commendable act and particularly noble in today’s game, but chances are he’s feeling ambivalent at best about the choice these days.

The born and bred Liverpudlian was wanted by several top clubs, most notably Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, but decided to stick with a very strong Liverpool side in the hope that glory was on its way.

Glory he got indeed – predominantly through Champion League victory – but as the dust settles on the medals in his half empty cabinet, he must look back on a career which could have been as he’s reduced to captaining the worst Liverpool team in decades.

The mere mention of Liverpool in an upcoming fixture used to send shivers down the most fearless of spines. Today, the proposition represents a good opportunity to pick up three points from one of the most famous teams in history.

Gerrard has been at the centre of a number of Liverpool sides throughout his time at Anfield – and he, more than anyone, will be well aware this is the worst he’s been a part of.