Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not EnoughVideo games imitating life - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough Video games imitating life - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough

Video games imitating life

I have been slow in keeping up with all the recent technological advances we have had in the past couple of years but I thought it was time to join the real world and buy myself a PS3 and Fifa 13 with it recently. Previously, I had owned a ancient old thing called the PS2 for a number of years and my only game was PES 2008. Remember that? Just to clarify, it had Michael Owen as its cover star. Yep, I really have been behind with the times.

Well, imagine my surprise when I popped in my brand new Fifa 13 game into my brand new PS3. Things have moved on a bit since PES 2008 haven’t they? Talk about a realistic football gaming experience. I promptly began a season with Arsenal at it presents me with all this additional Sky Sports business and e-mails from the board, I didn’t know where to look.

Soon after I had begun my season I receive a notification letting me know that Jack Wilshire is requesting a transfer and wants to leave the club. What’s that? Another star Arsenal player wants to leave the club? Pretty realistic eh? So I sell the little shit to Man City for £20 mil plus.

Anyway, the season is in full flow and the table looks ridiculous. I am struggling (a little rusty perhaps) and the top four is unrecognisable to what we might see in real life. West Brom 2nd? Liverpool 4th? Pah, this is madness I tell myself. 

It’s all good fun mind and it makes me wonder whether managers or players play football video games. I like to think so as it would be brilliant if Arsene Wenger had his own season on Fifa 13 and he spent loads of money on world class players and lead Arsenal to a treble winning season. ‘If only the board would let me do this in real life’ he would think to himself. What if Theo Walcott played as himself? He could finally play as a centre forward, albeit in a game.

As I am not doing so well in my season, I think I will go to the lower leagues and see if I can get Oxford United all the way to the Premier League or something. And then have them win the Champions League. Now, that’s where the real fun lies.