#Ask questionnaires on Twitter never work

It’s another facet of Twitter that has brought out the most creative minds on the social networking site. Yes, Tuesday saw the return of #Ask, with Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard the unlucky recipient of the humorous antics of the folk on Twitter.

From around midday, fans of the midfielder or the Reds are welcomed to put forward questions for Gerrard with the hashtag #AskStevieG. It isn’t the first time it’s happened, with myself on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse from jumped up McFly fans after questioning why they were still going.

Nevertheless, it sparked a Twitter sensation with football fans and writers alike asking questions along the lines of; ‘How does it feel to be less successful than John O’Shea?’ ‘What’s your preferred colour of post-it note?’ and ‘What’s it feel like to notice you’re playing with Borini, Shelvey & Downing having once played with Torres, Alonso & Mascherano?’

It is, in theory, a good idea as it promotes the interactivity between fans and the player while giving them the chance to learn more about their hero. However, it also sees numerous fans prepared to take advantage of the situation and bring out their humorous side.

If kept from abusing the player in question, it can be a fun filled afternoon of utilising the questionnaire, yet can quickly turn sour. As a result, as fun as they can be, it’s possibly best to avoid #Ask afternoons in the future, even if it is a chance for fans to feel closer to their favourite footballer.