Why Roy Hodgson has made the wrong decision

What exactly is the point of these international friendlies? We have only just been released from the prison that was the previous international break for World Cup qualifiers and now Sepp Blatter wants to inflict more pain on us with some friendlies. 


Anyway, Roy Hodgson named the England squad that will face Sweden next week and has included Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere. It is a poor and risky decision from Hodgson as the 20 year old has only recently returned from an injury that kept him away from football for over a year. 

Arsene Wenger and his coaching staff have exercised extreme caution in ensuring that Wilshere has not been thrust back into competitive action too quickly. His rehabilitation process included a number of games in the reserves and Wenger was only forced to promote him to the first team because of Arsenal’s poor results.

Hodgson will surely cite Wilshere’s suspension against Fulham this weekend as the reason why his decision to call up the midfielder is justified. It will not please Wenger as the Arsenal manager had most likely highlighted this international break as a good opportunity to rest Wilshere following his return to the vigours of Premier League.

Perhaps I am little biased as an Arsenal fan. Having been deprived of Wilshere’s talent for over a year, I want to see the player’s return handled with extreme care and not him see him overplayed as that may increase the risk of him re-injuring himself. The fact that I am an Arsenal fan aside and from a purely unbiased view point, I would like the same and I’m sure many fans would agree.

This is, after all, England’s Great New Hope (TM) and we don’t want his career to be a tale of numerous injuries that meant we never really got to see the best of him. So, Roy, if you’re listening, please think sensibly and don’t call up Jack. If you do, keep him on bench and don’t play him for the whole 90 minutes. Cheers mate.