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The Germans are coming

For a while the Bundesliga was the butt of all European football jokes. One of the main reasons cited was because Bayern Munich snapped up six Bundesliga titles between 2000-2010, cementing their position as Germany’s most successful club team. 

Things have changed, though, and it is has become far more competitive in recent seasons. The rise of Borussia Dortmund and FC Shackle have made keen followers of the European leagues stand up and take notice. 

As Manchester City and Arsenal can testify to, Ze Germans are not to be taken lightly. BorussiaDortmund have received praise from The Special One himself as he claimed that they are genuine contenders to win the Champions League after they nearly beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeau. Dortmund top their ‘Group of DEATH’ and anyone who wasn’t aware of who has won the Bundesliga for the past two seasons certainly knows now. FC Schalke pulled apart Arsenal at the Emirates and were able to overcome a two goal deficit at home to the Gunners.

Bayern Munich are cruising in their group and it is a real possibility that there will be three German teams in the latter stages of Europe’s premier club competition as they all top their groups with two games left to play.

If you need anymore evidence that German football is experiencing something of a renaissance then take a look at their fantastic national team. Germany have put a lot of effort into ensuring that football is played competitively at grass roots level and over a number of years their national team has been turned into a formidable and efficient force. 

The English would do well to take a leaf out of their book with regards to how the sport is taught and played at all levels. 

The German invasion (poor pun?) is in full effect and if you want to see for yourself than ITV 4 provide weekly Bundesliga highlights. 

Come the knockout stages of the Champions League, no team will want to face any of the German teams as they now know that will come up against a well oiled footballing machine. The times they are a-changing.