The Keeper is coming up….(Video)

It’s always fun when a team is losing and it’s the final minute. they have won a corner and the manager sends the keeper up. 

It presents a number of interesting scenarios which you do not normally see in a football game. There’s the keeper jostling for position looking to score a goal leaving the very real possibility, if the ball is cleared, of the opposing team scoring a 70 yard goal.

How rare is it, though, in English football anyway, that a goalkeeper actually scores? Man United legend Peter Schmeichel remarkably managed to score twice during his football career as result of coming up for a corner. Once for Man United during a UEFA Cup tie and then again for Aston Villa in the twilight of his career. Brilliant.

With the goal for Villa, Schmeichel demonstrated some beautiful skill by smashing home the ball on the half volley. Unbelievable tekkers.