The Drogba Method (Video)

Drogba Method, The – verb – A tactic used by teams wishing to waste time in an important game that they are leading by feigning numerous injuries and rolling about on the ground for a prolonged amount of time. Pioneered by ex – Chelsea striker Didier Drogba.

Like many other non-Chelsea fans I didn’t like Didier Drogba much. This was a result of the fact that he always bloody scored against Arsenal. The play acting didn’t help much either but looking back on his antics it was pretty bloody hilarious. 

I’m absolutely sure that after he is done raking in loads of money in China that he will consider a career in acting because during his time in the Premier League he was Oscar worthy.

This is classic Drogba. Yes, getting kicked in the chest hurts but is that pretend seizuring really necessary? Oscar worthy.