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Luis Suarez: the ultimate pantomime villain

Before Luis Suarez even joined the Premier League he had built up a reputation of being something of a controversial figure. Remember the 2010 World Cup when the Uruguayan helped his country reach the semi finals by denying Ghana a winning goal with his hands?

He was sent off and Ghana missed the penalty, the game went to penalties where Uruguay won. Later, Suarez said he had made the ‘save of the tournament’. Suarez is, simply put, a magnet for controversy. It follows him around everywhere and he just can’t help himself either. I personally think he loves all the drama and attention, he thrives on it and mentally it helps him perform better. It’s that ‘me against the world’ mentality.

He truly is one of the most controversial figures the Premier League has ever seen, though. Right from the moment Liverpool signed him people were quick to point out that we was a cheat thanks to his antics at the 2010 World Cup. Then came the racism row with Man United’s Patrice Evra, the eight game ban and it is fair to say that Suarez will never fully recover from that particular episode. His reputation has been permanently tarnished and Liverpool’s mismanagement of the situation didn’t help things either.

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Suarez is now currently at the centre of the diving furore and there is no denying that the striker goes over far easier than most and that is putting it very lightly. His dives have been a source of comedy and outrage for fans across the country. Some managers have been vocal about their dislike for Suarez’s antics, Everton manager David Moyes branding him ‘a diver’.

Now, I’m no fan of the racism or of the diving but when a player is put down so much by so many people it is always admirable when they let their football do the talking which is exactly what Suarez has done. He also displayed a brilliant sense of humour with his celebration when he scored against Everton in the Merseyside derby, performing a theatrical dive right in front of David Moyes’ bench. Even Moyes found it funny.

The Uruguyan is the man everybody loves to hate but it should not be forgotten that he is a very talented footballer and his goals are keeping Liverpool afloat for the time being. 8 goals in 11 league games is a very impressive return after a somewhat disappointing output last season. Remember that hat-trick he scored against Norwich last season? That was the display of a player who is truly world class. It’s not just his goals, either, but his movement and awareness that make him almost unplayable at times.

It is Brendan Rodger’s task now to keep him as he hot property for anyone with serious amounts of money (step forward Man City and PSG). 

I hope he stays, though, and remains everybody’s pantomime villain because with Suarez the more people hate him, the better and better he plays.

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