Ronaldo: humility personified (Video)

A look into Cristiano Ronaldo’s home life now in what must be the Spanish alternative of MTV Cribs.

Yes, that’s right, time to become green with envy as we see what super rich footballers spend their money on. Real Madrid’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo shows us round his gaff and what he likes to get up to. 

He isn’t exactly modest, though, as 30 seconds into this video he says ‘I love being me’. Anyway. he shows off his keepy uppy skills with numerous household objects including a candle (!). He’s a talented one that Ronaldo eh?

Anyway, this mostly consists of Ronaldo prancing about the place with shirt off and, hilariously, playing with his dogs all the time. Such a softie. His mate Neymar even pops round for a little swim.