Ambition or Villain?


As much as clubs don’t want to become the feeder teams to the big four, surely it is a positive when the player says that they aim to join one the big teams in their career?

When you look at Christian Benteke, he has admitted that he would love to play for Arsenal and surely this is only a positive thing for everybody involved at Aston Villa.

The recruit from Belgium has only been with Villa for a matter of months and has already made a big impact, scoring four times in ten games. So with him eyeing a move to Arsenal later on in his career, he will have to continue to have such an impact and continue to play well.

By him playing well this is going to lift Villa up the league table and in result have them winning games and isn’t this just what all their fans will want?

His price will rise if he is showing off his talents against the big teams and yet again this is a bonus for Villa, especially after paying £7 million for the 21 year old international in the first place.

I understand that it looks a little negative towards the club that he is currently playing for and as a fan you would question his desire to really be there, but then if he is aiming to play at a higher level, its either going to be with you, or he is going to make you money when you sell him on.

And so although I understand where fans come from when they say it disrupts the team, and why did he join if he only wants to leave again, surely you have to respect the man for stating early on that he wants to play at the highest level.

If he had turned around and said he would want to play for a team like Fulham then the frustration would be understandable, but by saying Arsenal you can tell that he is an ambitious young man, wanting to be playing in the Champions League.

Although chairman must think it is a dig at their clubs, if you continue to develop players that are good enough to play at the top then you know you are doing something right, and that you are on the right track for a success story.

If I was a chairman or manager I would find it positive that a player wants to get to the highest level as it shows their ambition and willingness to work hard for you to get there.

Even though you don’t want to get stuck with the label of a ‘feeder’ club, if your capable to keep on attracting and developing young talents then soon enough it will be you who would be using other feeder clubs to improve your team.    

By Joe Aird @JoeAird5590