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Cazorla class

Santi Cazolra delivered a devastating lesson in how to effectively take advantage of a team with ten men.

Adebayor’s red card was enough to completely change the dynamic of a game which was very much swinging in Tottenham’s favour early on.  It’s often said that playing against ten men can be more difficult and AVB’s men were grasping onto this hope as they reshaped to defend their 1 goal lead.

The Spaniard stepped up and demonstrated a midfield master class in the middle of the park. It would be easy to feel rushed in such a highly-intense atmosphere – but the midfielder’s incisive passing and movement was pivotal to Arsenal’s victory.

It appears Arsene Wenger displayed some of his old transfer genius with the acquisition of Cazorla. Undoubtedly Arsenal’s best new addition this summer and putting up a hell of case as the Premier League’s signing of the season.

With Wilshere almost back to full fitness, things are beginning to look a little rosier for the Gunners. Wenger will now be looking to introduce a consistency which has been non-existent thus far and the partnership which Wilshere and Cazorla build will be crucial to his.

Meanwhile, life on the other side of North London is look decidedly shakier. Three defeats in four PL games expose a vulnerability to a side which are struggling to establish an identity this season. AVB’s continual experimentation with tactics is proving to be the catalyst to Tottenham’s inconsistency this season.