The ITK’s have begun already

You would think that with six weeks between now and January, the fabled “in the knows” would surely wait until at least mid-December before beginning to spout their usual nonsense regarding potential moves for big name players.

Not with Tottenham Hotspur however, no sir. While there are those that have looked straight through the nonsensical fables, there are those that take the word of ITK’s as bible. It really does beggar belief as to why.

However, last night saw one Twitter account proclaim that Andre Villas-Boas has three games to save his job, something talkSPORT picked up upon and will, undoubtedly, lead to more speculation surrounding his Spurs future.

On top of that, another account begun to list the possible targets for Spurs in January. The list included Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Willian and Miralem Pjanic as potential moves when the transfer window reopens.

While it’s enough to get fans excited, how often do these moves pay off? Once of the two aforementioned Twitter accounts proclaimed that the signings of Joao Moutinho, Jack Butland, Andy Carroll and Daniel Sturridge would ‘100% sign for Spurs’ over the summer – one of them moved and that was overpriced carthorse Carroll to West Ham United on loan.

Yes, rumours of a potential player signing is exciting, but the ITK bulls**t that spreads quicker than wildfire across the social networking site is worth taking with a pinch of salt. On top of that, beginning to announce the potential moves, while proclaiming that “January is going to be a big month” while at the midway point of November is nothing but a cry for attention.

I mean, the Coca Cola advert was only recently spotted on TV, which is basically the calling card for Christmas. At least wait until December before spouting the rumour you heard from your best mate/uncle/milkman, who just happens to know the tea lady at the club shop.