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No fluke to Baggies great start

West Brom’s excellent start to the season is by no means a fluke – but a culmination of several factors necessary to achieve evolution in the Premier League.

The Baggies victory over Sunderland on Saturday afternoon propelled them to third place in the Premier League and attracted the plaudits they deserve. It’d be easy to categorize their rich run of form as an occurrence which could happen to any Premier League side. But a more accurate assessment would be the result of a very well-engineered team instituted from a tight budget and limited resources.

Steve Clarke’s side flawlessly demonstrate what is possible when true teamwork, understanding and work ethic are combined. Though rocky moments were encountered towards the end of yesterday’s match, their performance was an exhibition of how to manufacture a win against a strong side away from home.

Watching them in action yesterday, it’s easy to see how they have impelled themselves to the top end of the league. Their play utilizes the very fundamentals of football and keeps every element of the game simple but thorough. From goalkeeper to striker you see organization and communication – showing an understanding the part they must play in the game along with each of their teammates.

What the players lack in individual class they make up for with work ethic and belief. All over the pitch you see navy blue and white shirts working hard to track down the ball and keep in position when defending; and move for each other and make space in possession.

West Brom is an exemplary of forward-moving progress at a time when mercurial change is the norm and many a team fail to put together the ingredients to guide sustainable growth.

Steve Clarke has pushed on excellently from the solid foundations predecessor Roy Hodgson put in place. The key to the great start this season is simple – Clarke has instilled a winning mentality into a humble group of players prepared to put in the hard graft necessary to grind out wins.

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