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The FA have to act on West Ham

Anti-Semitic chanting, hissing, threatening to stab the opposition, songs about Lazio and flares being set off – you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking this was the opening of a 1970’s football hooligan film. However, these were the incidents occurring in the away section during West Ham United’s visit to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday evening.

Yes, in modern day football when these acts are expected to clamped down upon and eradicated from the game, the East London side took it upon themselves to really make a name for themselves, and not in a good way.

With Spurs fans subject to Anti-Semitic abuse during the recent Europa League 0-0 draw with Lazio, the travelling Hammers fans continued the trait, while also signing “Viva Lazio” prior to kick-off. Not only is that incredibly insensitive, with a Spurs fan stabbed in the leg in the early hours of Thursday morning, but it’s also Forza, not Viva, you cretinous knuckle dragging Neanderthals.

Following the incidents in Rome, the FA unsurprisingly took it upon themselves to complain to the Italian equivalent about the treatment Spurs fans received. However, how will they respond when said incidents occur in their own back yard?

A hefty fine won’t just cut it. Neither will playing games behind closed doors. A points deduction would surely get through to the fans that if they act the way they do, the team will suffer the consequences.

It’s a shame that a minority of mindless thugs behaving in such a way has brought shame upon the club. But if the strictest possible measures are taken, the minority will soon keep their mouths shut, especially if it begins to affect West Ham itself.