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Radical decisions

This recent hullabaloo over the diving furore that seems to be engulfing the Premier League is getting a little tiring.

Every week there seems to be another player who has dived and referee’s decision making comes into question because of the amount of simulation that seems to be happening so much now.

Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez, Ashley Young – there’s quite an extensive list and even Phil Neville is getting in on it too. Gareth Bale has to be one of the worst perpetrators and his theatrical dive against Fulham on Saturday was laughable. The cheek and nerve he showed to mockingly clap the referee afterwards was even more ridiculous.

Now, the only reason Big Ears and the other notorious divers around the division continue to go down like there’s a sniper in the stands at that is because the only punishment they’ll receive is a yellow card. It’s time for some radical change when it comes to punishing players who choose to simulate and therefore cheat.

For example, if a player was to receive two yellow cards for diving in a season then the club can choose to fine him and the player will receive a one match ban. If the players are made aware that there will be consequences for their actions then it will make them think twice about going to ground so easily.

Of course, this is just one writer’s opinion but if diving continues to cause problems as it has in recent times then football’s governing bodies will have no choice but to set up new rules in order to combat the incessant cheating.

Diving is quickly escalating into a very controversial issue and now is the time to make a radical decision on how to brandish punishment to those who wish to cheat.