Get better soon, Peter Hill-Wood

When the news emerged on Sunday morning that Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood had suffered a heart attack, everyone associated with the game took to Twitter to sent their get well soon wishes to the Gunners supremo.

It was also announced that the 76-year-old had been battling with pneumonia before falling ill at his home on Friday night. Fortunately, Hill-Wood is said to be recovering well in hospital following his heart attack, which has seen many a football fan breathe a huge sigh of relief.

When an incident such as this occurs, it usually brings out the humane side of a supporter of the beautiful game. Rivalries are cast to one side with life and death that much more important, no matter what Liverpool legend Bill Shankly said in the past.

Hill-Wood has been chairman of Arsenal since 1982 and while there are those that would rather seen him removed from his position such is his apprehensiveness to provide the necessary funds for manager Arsene Wenger to invest in the squad, but not as a result of illness or worse.

With rivalries cast to one side following the news, it’s a relief to hear that Hill-Wood is recuperating well following the news on Sunday. With it, here is hoping the 76-year-old continues his progress and is back on the steady road to recovery.