UEFA’s pan European tournament: a good idea?

Following yesterday’s news that UEFA have decided to host Euro 2020 across a number of different countries, with Wembley being put forward as a possible semi final or final venue, I continue to ask myself whether this is a good idea or not.

For so long now we have been used to a single country (sometimes two) hosting the tournament that it seems strange for Uefa president Michel Platini to expand in such a radical way. In short: if it isn’t broke, why fix it?

This new idea will certainly cost the regular football fan a lot more because if they wish to follow their country throuhgout the tournament then they will have to visit a number of different countries across Europe.

Indeed, in 2020, you may very well see numerous empty seats for certain games as Scotland fans are unwilling to travel to Eastern Europe to watch their team having just seen their team’s first group match in the south of Spain. I believe that Uefa will try to ensure that group matches are close together, however, but, still, it is something of an inconvenience.

The new plan isn’t very practical but I suppose Uefa aren’t too concerned about practicality whilst there is money to be made and really I belive that this is what the crux of it is; money.

It is far easier, and cheaper, to travel to one country and follow your team during the tournament as opposed to spending a considerable amount more by travelling across half of Europe.

The other burning question is why did England not bid to host the tournament itself? Following the fantastic success of 2012 Olympics, this would have been another feather in the cap for the English. An opportunity missed.