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Chin Up Chelsea



OK, so Chelsea are the first team in Champions League History to not qualify for the knock out stages the year after winning it. Fact of the matter is, this week and the win in midweek, although to most will seem pointless, like it means nothing and say ‘it was only Nordsjaelland’ could actually mean quite a lot to a club that’s had not a lot to cheer about over the last month.

The win marks a first win in 6 in all competitions for the blues and also marks a first win under Rafael Benitez. Even though the majority of Chelsea fans I feel will never succumb to liking Rafa, not that I blame them, it was massively important for him to get a win this week and help kick start his main campaign progress. Christmas is always a huge turning point in the title chase and if Chelsea slip any further off the pace they can kiss giving Manchester a run for their money, good bye and possibly Rafa himself. Some say ten points is already too much but with everybody capable of causing an upset in this league you can never say never and even though it may end up being more by the time they return from the Club World Cup, which only adds to their fixture list over an already busy period, winning games like they did this week, in the style they did can only boost confidence amongst the ranks.

Not only that but the fixture saw Fernando Torres break yet another goal drought for the club. His form and confidence is vital to Chelsea’s success this season as the only out and out striker for the blues and making a very positive contribution to Rafa’s first win may be what he, the club and Rafa need to make this arranged marriage work for the blues. Grab a good win this weekend against Sunderland take that form abroad to the Club World Cup and win there and who knows, maybe, just maybe, blues fans might start worming the Spanish Revolution. He’s only interim manager after all!

So cheer up Chelsea fans, you could have your first piece of silverware in two weeks time.

Jack Turner