Topsy-turvy Premier League

We’re only in December but this Premier League season is proving to be as exciting, unpredictable and entertaining as previous seasons.

Take one of this afternoon’s results for example: Swansea 3 Norwich 4. As the scoreline suggests the game was a goalfest with Norwich 3-0 up at halftime only for Swansea to stage a dramatic comeback in the second half. Norwich scored a fourth but Swansea pulled another back to make the Canaries sweat late on.

Remember, also, that this is the same Swansea team that beat Arsenal 2-0 at the Emirates last weekend and the next week they end up conceding four to Norwich at home. Norwich themselves have been on something of a rollercoaster so far this season under new manager Chris Houghton.

Their season started poorly and led many to write them off early as relegation fodder but they are now flying, undefeated in nine, and up to 11th in the table.

In recent years the Premier League has boasted an unbeatable ‘top four’, Arsenal, United, Chelsea and Liverpool, but the landscape has changed with teams lower in the table now confident that they can travel to places like the Emirates, Old Trafford and Anfield and get a result.

Is this good for the league? Some purists will insist that the lack of dominant leagues belittles the Premier League’s standing as the top league on the continent. I don’t share that view, however, and I belive that the parity between most of the teams consolidates the English league’s position as the best in Europe.

The technical ability, thrown in with high drama and entertainment, that we are treated to week in week from the league make us all very fortunate fans, indeed.

Anyway, who cares about what the best league in Europe is? Surely, the main point is that all the leagues have a high volume of fantastic talent and superb football players which makes for unmissable viewing.

So, stop with all the arguments and let’s all just enjoy the football because, after all, that’s why we are all watching in the first place isn’t it?