Pepe up to his old tricks (Video)

Real Madrid defender Pepe has regularly been dubbed a dirty player, and it’s no surprise. The Portugal international has found himself on the receiving end of a 10 game ban after lashing out at Getafe duo Javi Casquero and Juan Albin back in 2009, before being escorted off the pitch by captain Iker Casillas.

Since then, the Brazil born centre-back has never found himself shy away from controversy and has frequently been dubbed a cheat by those who view Spanish football, such is his antics on the pitch.

However, the defender has again seen the horrible side of his game rear its ugly head once again. During Real’s Copa Del Rey defeat to Celta Vigo on Wednesday night, Pepe lashed out at opposite number Roberto Lago, with Los Blancos chasing the game at the time.

The act went by unpunished, quite surprisingly, but it was another action that confirmed the type of player the 29-year-old is. Pepe is one of those that is an exceptional defender, only to see his name dragged through the mud by his ludicrous actions off the ball.

Again fans will concentrate on his kick on Lago, rather than the performance of his teammates. Fortunately, it won’t take the shine away from Celta’s 2-1 win over the Madrid giants, but it’s another blip on Pepe’s record.