What Next For Becks?

Every football fan in the world knows who David Beckham is, but his next ‘challenge’ is gathering column inches alongside his luxury Los Angeles life and celebrity wife.

Becks called time on hi 6 year long American dream following a second successive MLS Cup victory with LA Galaxy. In the build up to the game the cameras were on Beckham after he declared the final would be his final game with the Galaxy, however the 37 year old isn’t ready to hang up his Adidas Predators quite yet with ‘one last challenge’ awaiting before retirement.

The global appeal of brand Beckham and his celebrity wife have sparked footballing interest from all 4 corners of the world.

It is no secret the former England captain is a big family man, an unwillingness to unsettle the Beckham clan rules out any clubs from the Middle East, Brazil or Australia’s A-League that the former Real Madrid man has recently been linked with.

Although Posh and Becks have settled in well to American life during their 6 year stay any club in England or within easy reach of Blighty would enable relocating to ‘Beckingham Palace’.

A move back to England creates the possibility of a return to England’s top flight, Queens Park Rangers and West Ham United are 2 clubs to have kept no secret about adding Beckham to their ranks, although ‘Golden Balls’ has expressed a difficulty at returning to another English club after starting his career with Manchester United.

If it isn’t England then France isn’t too far away. Oil rich Ligue 1 side Paris St Germain could tempt Becks, with Carlo Ancelotti expressing his admiration of Beckham’s ability, but 6 years of Major League Soccer will have left him short of fitness to be playing at the top level week in, week out.

That leaves one realistic challenge across The English Channel, restoring Monaco at the top of French football.


Sam Jewell