Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not EnoughThe new Warrior boots are certainly a Skreamer - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough The new Warrior boots are certainly a Skreamer - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough

The new Warrior boots are certainly a Skreamer

The first thing that grabbed my attention with these Warrior Skreamer Pro boots is how light these boots are. As soon as I picked these boots up the first thing I said was “Wow these are really light”. Now being a keen footballer and having played for a team since the age of 8 and I am now 20 years old I have worn many pairs of boots. I must say these are the lightest I have worn for a while.

I could bore you with the microfiber technology details and how certain aspects are there to seriously enhance your performance but quite honestly I don’t understand that and it can get a bit tedious. For me the best way to know what a boot is like is to hear from someone firsthand what they are like in practice when wearing them in a match.

The boots have a snug fit when putting them on. The boot has a lot more lacing on them than any other boot and therefore the boot can be loosen to allow the foot to go in.

When your foot is in the boot it feels as though the boot is sucked to your foot and it fits perfectly around your feet. The boots can adapt to any shape of foot as well.

The sole of the foot is semi foam and therefore when running the sole cushions your footfall and landing.

The heel on the boat has a strong form of plastic that shapes around the heel and under the boot. This provides strong protection for the times you get clipped on the heel after beating a defending with pace. As with many boots in the market today the heel is the focal point of protection and this boot is no different.

Every boot seems to come with some form of technology to help with control and accuracy of the shot, this boot surprisingly is no different. On the outside, toe and inside of the boot there are small triangular plastic moulds that help with controlling the ball and especially accuracy in passing and shooting.

Admittedly the boots aren’t going to instantly make you strike a free kick like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi but they do help get that much needed control and accuracy all players crave.

To add with striking accuracy the extra sized lace area allows you to easily find the sweet spot on the boot to strike that ball with the venom to find the bottom corner of the goal.

The only downsides with these boots is the lack of protection on the top of the boot around the toe area, if you were to be stamped on the foot whilst wearing these boots I would certainly consider taking precautionary action as damage would occur.

Admittedly with most boots that is the recurring problem the fact that the weight and ability to change direction quickly is a preferred feature with boots than all round protection, but that is the way in which football has developed so if any grandparents say “there isn’t any protection on these like the boots I wore in my day” just explain to him that the game has progressed.

The only other feature that strikes me when I first saw the boots is the extravagant colours that have been used. For some this may be a negative point as colours and look is everything when buying boots.

To sum it up these boots are ideal for any winger, creative midfielder who loves to beat a player or two or that quick striker who plays on the last defender and runs behind the back line. The boots are perfect if you want something that fits well, comfortable and allows you to sprint that little faster past the defender.

It feels effortlessly to play football in these boots as they provide amazing comfort without being too heavy to wear.

Daniel Clark @DanClincs