Steve Gerrard Gerrard, he hits ’em from 40 yards (Video)

After a disastrous start to the season, things are looking a little better for Liverpool as they head into 2013.

Let’s be honest, though, things couldn’t have got any worse. But Brendan Rodgers has done an admirable job with very limited resources, delving very deep into his squad and putting his faith into young talent.

Having Luis Suarez in fine form helps too of course.

In the past week Liverpool have been very busy; Raheem Sterling finally agreed to contract which will keep him at the club for another five years, a £12m swoop for Daniel Sturridge is very close to completion and yesterday Steven Gerrard agreed to a contract extension which will most likely mean the captain sees out the remainder of his career at the club.

Gerrard is a living Liverpool legend, a player who epitomises the club in the way he plays on the field: tenacious, determined and a born leader.

Oh, yes, and his an eye for the spectacular, too.