Let it snow, let it snow (Video)

The festive period is, as ever, a very busy time for English football.

And, come on, let’s face it that is great for us football fans as every other day there is a football game being played.

Yes, the players may complain of being run into the ground but I guess the those £100k a week wages soften the blow a little bit.

Boxing Day matches are my favourite as everybody is still basking in the glow of excessive amounts of food and opening loads of presents; it creates a genial atmosphere at the games.

Sometimes, there’s also extreme weather conditions to deal with. Case in point; this Boxing Day match from 1995 between Glentoran and Linfield in Northern Ireland. Half way through the game the orange ball bursts and there’s only white ones left.

Can you play a football game in which the ball is not visible?