Was Kevin-Prince Boateng right to leave the field?

We are currently seeing the ugly face of racism creeping back into our so-called beautiful game – the latest case of this being an incident causing Kevin-Prince Boateng to leave the field and ultimately have the game called off.

Now, some may argue that racism has always existed in the game and has just been hidden amongst the troubles over the last decade or two, but with instances like the John Terry and Anton Ferdinand case, Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra and the scenes we witnessed in the England U21 game at Serbia last year prove that not enough is being done to stamp racism out.

The incident that the title refers to is this. Whilst a friendly took place between AC Milan and Italian side Pro Patria there was racist chanting heard from a group in the stands. Although the stadium announcer had asked for this to stop, they continued and Milan player Kevin-Prince Boateng took it upon himself to stop it, and in my opinion rightly so.

He picked up the ball and kicked it towards to culprits before removing his shirt and leaving the field, along with both sets of players and the officials.

There are arguments that his response was not the correct one and that it should have been dealt with in a different way, but nobody should have to put up with vile, small-minded idiots abusing them for nothing but the colour of their skin.

What is going to be done to quash the problem in football is as of yet unknown, but it is more than likely a small cash fine and a slap on the wrist is all that will be waiting for Pro Patria.