Manchester and Liverpool- The Superclub? (Video)

If Manchester United and Liverpool knew having American owners would mean their players starring in the advertisement below, I’m sure there would have been plenty more protests.

The ad for, American car company, Chevrolet combines Liverpool and United players together with the use of some television magic to talk about ‘playing for the greatest club in the world’, conquering ‘the leagues of England and Europe’ and ‘greatness spurring on rivals’.

Whether the, as the Americans say, commercial is being released as part of the build up to this Sunday’s encounter between England’s two most successful clubs or another attempt to spread the global appeal of the Premier League it certainly makes my skin crawl.

Appearing in such things is all part of the job for the modern day professional footballer but what struck me was the monstrosities Chevrolet have made by combining players faces, the split between Paul Scholes and Jonjo Shelvey is enough to give children nightmares, as is the sum of splitting Ryan Giggs and Jordan Henderson.

The two sides hold a fierce rivalry and their fans certainly won’t be happy to know anything like this advert exists.

Sam Jewell