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Are Blackburn past the point of no return?

With Michael Appleton set to be named the new Blackburn boss – a job which anybody in their right mind would not touch with a 10 miles barge-pole- I ask, is there a way back for Rovers after the mess that the Venky’s have created?

Since the poultry farmers took the reins of the club, Blackburn fans have seen their club relegated from the Premier League and have had to endure farce after farce at Ewood Park. Despite the mass protests from supporters, Steven Kean was kept at the helm and was allowed to steer the club to the depths of the Championship. Okay that may be a bit harsh on the Scottish manager as it was not all down to him, but in truth Kean was treated more like a piñata than he was a Premier League manager, with the boo boys continually giving him stick.

After a questionable start in the second division, the fans got their way and left the club. However despite the board giving the fans what they wanted, there was one man who repeatedly causes discontent at the club, and that is their ‘Global Advisor’ Shebby Singh. Looking from the outside-in, this man seems to be a complete clown who is unable to keep his ridiculous comments to himself and appears to revel in the uproar he causes on a regular basis.

They appointed former player Henning Berg as the new gaffer but you could tell from the off that it wasn’t going to work. His 1 win in his 10 games in charge meant that it was time for a new manager, again, after just 57 days of him taking over. Who needs stability, eh?

With the club in turmoil and the fans losing the will to live, names were being brandished about who will be stupid enough to accept the Venky’s as their new bosses. Well one man I noticed that was 25/1 to take the job was Shebby Singh. That’s right, the Malaysian Mr Bean was linked  to take first team matters into his own hands… Imagine!          

It now seems that 37-year-old Michael Appleton has pulled the short straw and will take over as manager this weekend, but with just 2 wins from his 12 games so far as Blackpool boss, and 13 wins in 51 games before that with Portsmouth, is Appleton really the man to provide them with the assurance that they need.

It also seems a bit of a weird one from the manager’s point of view. It was well publicised about his fight to keep Pompey above board when they were in financial freefall, but now he is at a cushy job at Blackpool, why go through all the stress again?

Whether or not the owners will be forced out of the club or they find some sort of miracle and they start to balance the club, who else thinks that the Venky’s have a thing for bald men?