Blatter Has His Say (Video)

Controversial FIFA President Sepp Blatter has spoken out over Kevin Prince Boateng’s decision to walk off the pitch following racist abuse of him and other AC Milan teammates in a friendly against Italian lower league side Por Partia last week.

Blatter infamously said players receiving racist abuse from other professionals should say “He should say that this is a game. We are in a game, and at the end of the game, we shake hands”.

The FIFA President can only have caused more controversy with his most recent opinion on how the AC Milan players reacted to racist fans.

“You remember the Boateng problem, with him running away,” said Blatter. “I made a comment on that and I still have the same feeling.

“It is good what he has done, it is good to have this impact – to say look what has happened – but it cannot be a solution.

“You can never solve any problem in your private life or your economic life by running away.

“Listen, it was a warning, if you don’t take care of our sport we will do it. It was a warning but it can’t be the solution

“We will make a summit with all the players concerning racism and discrimination. Then there must be a lot of solidarity and understanding. We have to eradicate it.

“It can only be done if all the players are participating, and the players are also the spectators.”


Sam Jewell