Can Everton match Fellaini’s ambition?

The January transfer window may be closed, but this does not stop the debate on one of the hottest properties currently in English football.

Marouane Fellaini has the physicality and accuracy to have a significant influence on any match. Whether it is through marauding in the centre of the park or being used as a battering ram up top to give centre backs afternoons to forget.

Chelsea was amongst the vultures willing to swoop in and meet the £24 million release clause in his contract if reports from L’Equipe were to be believed.

The Belgian International now is at a crossroads with the 2014 World Cup on the rising with his nation has a golden era and this alongside his desire to play Champions League football you suspect will mean Fellaini’s marriage at Everton will come an end towards the end of the season.

There is no desperation to sell from Everton’s point of view and David Moyes sees him as a key cog in the machine, but the decision may be taken out of the Scottish manager’s hands.

Everton never sell their key assets for cheap but in the same way you suspect Gareth Bale may leave Tottenham if they don’t reach the Champions League, the same applies for Everton and Fellaini.

Despite this Fellaini should be careful what he wishes for. Steven Pienaar found out the grass isn’t always greener and the Toffees are certainly a lot closer than Liverpool to the European Elite these days.