The life of a Junior Football Referee (Video)

Referees get a lot of stick.

The amount that they have to put up with is incredible. But if you’re able to put up with constant verbal abuse for 90 mins then it is the job for you.

Unless, of course, you are refereeing a Moroccan Junior Football match like this chap here is and it is not the verbal abuse that is the thing making you doubt your job but the actual work itself.

He is ridiculous, though, and it is obvious that he couldn’t care less about the job he is doing. Maybe he had an argument with his girlfriend only moments before the game? And during the argument his girlfriend told him that she was leaving him because he is just a bit too boring for her. It is a possibility.

I am firm believer, however, that if you are going to do a job, even if it is refereeing Moroccan Junior Football match that doesn’t look particularly exciting, you should try and do your utmost to do it well. So shame on you amateur ref and shame on your nonchalant attitude to the great art of refereeing a football game effectively. You are a disgrace to the profession and, quite frankly, yourself.