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Top 3 worst haircuts in football

Why is that footballers feel like they can get away with some of the worst haircuts mankind has ever seen?

Is it because they earn a heap of money and, as such, footballers feel that they can do the stupidest, craziest things and not feel any remorse because they are sitting on a load of cash? Perhaps.

Regardless, here is a list of what I consider to be the worst haircuts in world football today:

1. Gervinho – Arsenal

There is a definite correlation between Gervinho’s haircut and his quality as a footballer. On the pitch, the Ivory Coast international is maddeningly illogical, much like his barnet.

The crux of the problem is that Gervinho is, in fact, the owner of the world’s biggest forehead. He doesn’t seem to realise, though, because he styles his hair in such a way that it draws attention to his massive forehead rather than detract people’s gaze.

Well, if he’s happy with it what can you do? I would have thought, however, that a team-mate or friend would have mentioned this unfortunate matter to him. Gervinho then considers changing his hairstyle which would perhaps lead to a change of fortunes on the pitch for him, like learning how to finish every now and then.

2. Djibril Cisse – QPR

A perrinal favourite in the ‘Craziest footballer’ stakes, Djibril Cisse is an ambitious sort of chap when it comes to his hairdo.

Every week it seems that Cisse is dying or piercing something in or around his cranium and I can’t imagine the state of his bathroom. Hair dye all over the walls and his missus always has to clear it up.

It reflects on the pitch, too, as Cisse always seems to go a bit barmy every now and then, even when he was at Liverpool.

3. Jose Manuel Pinto – Barcelona

Ponytails are often risky business when it comes to hairdos but surely a ponytail coupled with braids is a big no–no?

Barcelona back up keeper doesn’t seem to think so, however, and is quite happy to look like a complete prat.

Perhaps when Victor Valdes departs Barcelona at the end of next season Pinto will consider a change of hairstyle. Still, shocking stuff.