5 of the Premier League’s most underrated players (Videos)

You often get people claiming that so-and-so is underrated, if so-and-so was at a different club then he would be recognised as one of the greatest players in the league, and so on.

It is usually the defensive midfielder that the underrated label gets given to as a result of the nitty-gritty duties that he undertakes in order to break down attacks, slow down the tempo of the game and generally make things happen around him. Manchester United‘s Michael Carrick being a prime example.

Now, I am not sure how a player like Michael Carrick has become the player that everyone associates as being underrated. If everyone rates him as underrated, how can he be? Perhaps it is the stick he has come under in recent years for club and country, or the fact that he just isn’t very glamorous. One thing is for sure though, Carrick is a wonderful player.

Here is a clip of the maestro in action before we get started with a list of 5 underrated, or at least whom I consider to be underrated, in the Premier League.

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