The end is surely nigh for Arsene

Patience is a virtue, and I have plenty of it.

But as an Arsenal fan, it has worn way too thin following yesterday’s humiliating exit from the FA Cup, losing 1- 0 at home to Championship side Blackburn Rovers.

The sheer noise of displeasure and frustration created by Arsenal fans echoed around The Emirates at the final whistle, leaving Arsene Wenger no choice but to make a quick, hasty and embarrassed exit down the tunnel. 

Blackburn Rovers played a classic, tactical game of ‘smash and grab’ – so often seen by underdog teams down the years in the FA Cup.  They deserved their victory for their spirit and determination, albeit sticking to their game plan.  Although the stats would show that Arsenal had more possession and more shots on goal.

But when do statistics ever matter to the true, die-hard supporters who want success and pay the earth to see it?

When your team is dumped out of the FA cup for the eighth year in a row and facing the seriously embarrassing prospect of playing Europa league football next season, questions have got to be asked of the man who pulls the strings. 

Walcott, Cazorla and Wilshere all came on in the second half, but whilst trying to get into the rhythm of the game, Blackburn Rovers scored on the break.  Arsene Wenger, in fairness, had one eye on the Champions League double header against Bayern Munich, but Podolski wasn’t even used in the game despite scoring against Swansea in the last round.

With the cost of an Arsenal season ticket at a mouth – watering £1,954 (the most expensive in the country) the Arsenal faithful have every right to feel the pain and voice the anger more than anyone. 

They are not getting value for their money.  It’s as simple as that.

Will that anger also ignite inside the boardroom? With no majority shareholder saying what’s what, Arsene Wenger continues to hide behind his footballing beliefs and it appears he will never change.  Questions have to be asked about his decision making and his vision for the future of Arsenal Football club.  

Will he now see sense to balance his brand of football with his already found gems, and dig deep into the Arsenal wallet with world class experience in the summer?

Mike Anscombe