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Rafael’s rifle (Video)

Upon watching Rafael’s goal of the season contender against QPR my first thoughts were, of course, ‘Bloody hell, is that their right-back doing that?’

And then I quickly remembered that Manchester United’s Brazilian right-back has done this kind of thing before and not just the once.

Already this season, against Liverpool, he has scored an absolute belter. I think he is one of the best full-backs in the Premier League and his forays forward are an essential and important component of United’s attack.

Rafael and his twin Fabio came to United in 2008 and Rafael’s quality, despite being incredibly raw, was evident from the beginning of his time with the club.

During a game against Arsenal in November 2008, with United trailing 2-0, Rafael was sent on and he made a positive impact for Sir Alex Ferguson’s side, scoring a fantastic goal in the process.

Controlling the ball with his chest before lashing a beautiful left footed volley into the corner, Rafael displayed a sign of things to come and he has continued to show his eye for the spectacular during his Premier League career.

His brother Fabio doesn’t seem to share the same ability, though, having scored the solitary goal throughout his time in England.