Where Richard Keys and Andy Gray ended up (Video)

The internet is great, isn’t it?

Anything you could ever want at the click of a button and that means football matches too. I know it is illegal and a little naughty, but streaming football matches because you’re too poor to buy Sky Sports is one of life’s little joys.

You can never guarantee that you’ll get an English stream and sometimes the quality will be pretty poor, but hey, it’s for free and you can’t say fairer than that.

Recently I have been consistently been getting Al-Jazeera sports feed for some of the Saturday 3pm kick offs and they have a studio show just like we do here on Sky Sports for the live games.

Funnily enough, Al-Jazeera have decided to employ Richard Keys and Andy Gray as their football anchors and joined by a number of ex-footballers; Liam Brady was a studio guest last weekend.

Anyway, I found it strange that considering the controversial manner that both Keys and Gray lost their jobs in England that they would even have the audacity to continue as football pundits, even if it is for Al-Jazeera network.

I mean, I can’t take them seriously knowing the bad feelings that they harbour for female officials. Keys and Gray were just as bad as other as evidenced here by Keys’ outrageous ‘Would you smash it?’ comment to Jamie Redknapp and Greame Souness. Lads.

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