Arsenal: Evolution or Revolution?

I was questioned in my last article for being too cynical of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, and whether I am really in fact a true Gunners fan at heart.

Arsenal is in my blood.  Mickey Thomas’ dramatic last minute goal at Anfield in 1989, to clinch the old Championship title, was the start of my love affair for the club. 

Like any Arsenal fan, I want to see them be the best team on the planet, for all eternity.  And as a writer, I have the freedom to express what I feel.

But I’m going to be positive about Arsenal now; on the back of another unsuccessful season, I say they are still destined for great things again. Arsenal have a solid structure in place from the world class Academy set up, to the financial stability of the club.

Sometimes you want to jump into the mind of the manager and make different things happen.  I would be sat with the board of Directors at Arsenal, demanding heavy transfer money to attract the best players in the world.  Every successful team has a leader, a domineering midfield linchpin, a strong figure that carries the experience required, and more importantly, carries the team in times of desperation.

Patrick Vieira was that man. If Arsenal at the time had the financial muscle to tempt Yaya Toure to the club when he was cut a forlorn figure at Barcelona three years ago, then I strongly believe Arsenal would have been more realistic title contenders last season.  Perhaps we were gifted a once in a lifetime superstar in Thierry Henry, but Theo Walcott still has the potential to be a centre forward, goal scoring machine.  One has to remember that with the new signings, has come a new team.  A winning team takes time to gel.

Confidence comes from winning and I hope Arsenal, with nothing to lose this season, end on a high to set the foundations for next season and beyond.  In total truth, I hope Arsene Wenger stays and creates another era of ‘The Invincibles’.

Mike Anscombe