PSG shouldn’t be looking at Rooney

Given time, Paris St. Germain will become one of the great teams of Europe. With the funds at their disposal, not to mention the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Javier Pastore on their books, the Ligue 1 giants will likely emerge as one of the continents dominant forces.

However, the upcoming transfer window will ultimately determine how far they can go, both domestically and on the European front. Yet, it’s ultimately perplexing that PSG would be, supposedly, entertaining the idea of moving for Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney.

Reports on Wednesday suggest that the Parisian giants are set to move for the England international in order to partner him with Ibrahimovic on the frontline. Now, don’t get me wrong; Rooney is a good player, but is the type of striker that PSG should be looking towards?

Considering Rooney is 27 now, the chances of him adapting to a new league would be a difficult task for the former Everton ace. Granted, Joe Cole and Joey Barton have both had mixed success during their time in France, but for a team packed to the rafters with talent, he won’t be handed the time to really make his mark.

Furthermore, with the money that United would likely demand for the striker, PSG would be better suited scoping out talent that is younger and possibly cheaper rather than moving for Rooney. Either way, the funds that would be used to sign the striker could be better used elsewhere.